Mom says 'foul' over basketball fee

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Eleven-year-old Kyren Leyba loves basketball.

"Basketball is my favorite sport and I wanted to play," he said.

So he was excited when he came across a flyer at school looking for kids to enroll in a basketball league.

His mom, Valarie Page, got online to register him with the Southwest Basketball League and paid the fee which was nearly $60.

"After I registered him, I got a confirmation that he was registered and I never heard anything," she said.

Page said that was back in December and although she was told the league was postponed, she still hasn't heard anything more about the league and said she hasn't been able to get her money back.

"I contacted the phone number on the flyer, got voicemail, left voicemail, did that two or three times no response," she said.

Page even contacted Kyren's school, which claimed they knew nothing.
Even the flyer states the school does not "endorse or sponsor the organization."

That's when Valerie contacted 3 On Your Side.

We discovered the Southwest Basketball League is a legitimate organization.

We spoke with the president who told us the league had to cancel the winter season because of an extremely low number of sign-ups and he said that Page's situation was isolated.   

He immediately said he will send Page her money back.

Page said times are tough and getting her money back sure does help.

As for Kyren, he just wants to shoot hoops.

"I'll be happy to play," he said.

I appreciate the league's quick response and they say that refund went out yesterday. 

So, Page and her son should be getting it within the next couple of days.