3 Former sheriff's employees for June 3 trial

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A June 3 trial date has been set for three former Maricopa County sheriff's employees accused of aiding smugglers while they worked for the police agency. 

Former Deputy Alfredo Aguirre Navarrette is accused of helping drug smugglers by laundering illegal proceeds, using a law enforcement database to get information for the group and assisting a separate immigrant smuggling ring.

Former detention officer Marcella M. Hernandez is accused of assisting a cartel member and his drug trafficking group by letting the group use her two residences as stash houses for drugs and drug proceeds. 

Former detention officer Sylvia Rios Najera is accused of conspiring to launder the drug trafficking group's illegal proceeds through two companies.

All three pleaded not guilty to charges and no longer work for the police agency.