US Airways flight attendant describes anxiety on the inside from American merger

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- For most of us, the American Airlines-US Airways merger means more options in flying, or tallying up those frequent flyer miles. But for one woman, it's meant many sleepless nights.

"Yes! Do I look tired?" she said.

She doesn't, but you'll have to trust us since we're hiding her face to protect her 30-year career as a flight attendant.

She started with America West, then it merged with US Airways. She said the merger with American has many on the inside on edge.

"They say one day you're going to have a base in Phoenix, and the next day you're not, and so I don't know if them promising you something is what will happen," she said.

Her concern is this could change her seniority status, or worse, she may have to relocate. US Airways CEO Doug Parker has reassured many, including Governor Jan Brewer, that the merger won't wipe out staff in Arizona.

"I believe the majority of the jobs will all stay here. He himself [Parker] will be moving to Texas if that takes place, but I think that economically it's not going to hurt us as bad as it has been reported," said Brewer.

But no one really knows until the deal is done and both companies start blending their workforce. Until our flight attendant knows her job here is secure, she'd like to see more local officials fight to keep crews here.

"I think everyone who is worried about that or thinks about jobs - councilmen, mayors, governors - all should be thinking about this in a very serious manner," she said.