Valley teen's online chat turns sexual and scary

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A Valley teen met a friend online using the popular app GIF Boom.

That friend turned into an enemy.

The girl’s mother is now worried about her daughter and won't share their identities.

"For my 15 year old to come to me crying because she's scared that's a big thing," said the concerned mother.

Her daughter was online chatting with someone she thought was a teenage boy.

The mother shared with 3TV screen grabs of their conversations.

The boy asked to see her breasts and she showed them to him.

But when he wanted to see more body parts, the girl said no.

That's when problems started.

"I had to put that to the side, the disappointment in her and the anger and focus on the task at hand to find out who this was," said the mother.

The boy threatened to hack into her computer and get all her daughter’s contacts and then send her nude pictures to her friends and family.

When the mother found out about the threats she started investigating.

"I started chatting with him like I was her. I wanted him to prove to her he was 17," said the mom.

The boy sent her a photo and the corner of a school ID card.

The mother got online and found out his name, telephone number, and Facebook account.

She doesn’t believe the boy is a teenager, instead she suspects he is an adult.

All of the information she found online, she turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

"He messed with the wrong mom. I definitely won’t stop," she said.

A spokesperson from the Sheriff’s Office confirmed they have the case, but would not share details because this is a sex crime.