3OYS update: Red light citation resolved

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Imagine getting a red-light citation in the mail from a city you haven't visited in 20 years. 3 On Your Side has an update on this strange situation.

The ticket is from the city of Philadelphia.

We first told you about this problem last week and we gave the city of Philadelphia some time to get to the bottom of things.
The good news is they did and they wound up completely dismissing the ticket altogether.

"It's fantastic. I didn't expect such a quick resolution to this problem," said Tom Holloman, whose wife received the ticket in the mail.

It's a problem Holloman doesn't have to worry about any longer.

When 3 On Your Side first introduced you to Holloman last week, he and his wife were stressing out over the red-light ticket they received in the mail.
What made it weird is that the citation was from Philadelphia, a city they haven't visited since moving to Arizona years ago.

"We've been here 18 years and my wife has never been back to Pennsylvania," Holloman said.

Holloman said he tried calling Philly and explaining the ticket must be a mistake but said they didn't want to hear what he had to say. They just told him to pay the $145 fine.

"They city of Philadelphia, if you look at their website, they are very proud to tell you they generated $10 million so it's not small business," Holloman said.

3 On Your Side got involved and asked city officials to review the matter.

They did and discovered that the $145 ticket was sent by mistake to Holloman's wife.
In an email, the city's Parking Authority writes that "the red light violation is removed from her responsibility."
The couple said they're glad they don't have to pay or worry about the ticket anymore.

"I'm very happy with you guys for helping me out," Holloman said.

Philly told 3 On Your Side that Holloman's wife shares the same name and middle initial with a motorist in Pennsylvania and the vendor the city used to mail the ticket made a mistake and mailed the couple by accident.