Burglars targeting homes in North Scottsdale

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Police are investigating a string of burglaries in where the thieves used the same method to steal from ten homes since December.

Police said a total of ten homes have been hit in the last two months in the area from Shea Blvd. to Mountain View Rd. and 108th to 128th Streets.
“The common theme makes us think we are dealing with the same suspect or suspects,” said Scottsdale police officer David Pubins. “The fact all burglaries took place where someone entered through the rear yard and came in through the rear and focused on the master bedroom.”

“They came I believe around 8:00 at night. My parents just went out and I just went babysitting.” Jeffrey Trimino said his home was hit a little over a week ago. “They just broke in with a rock and came in wearing gloves. They knew what they were doing. It’s scary.”
Police said in 2 of the 10 cases there was no forced entry, rather homeowners left a door or window unlocked. And in almost all the cases, the homes hit back up to a wash, a road or a greenbelt, where a person hopping a perimeter wall might not be noticed.
“Our suspect is likely paying attention to when homeowners are gone or not coming back then targeting the homes,” said Pubins.
Trimino said his family has already taken steps to make their property safer.
“What we did is add more cameras to our house. We got it locked down. Now the alarm is on all the time.”
There is no suspect or vehicle description. Investigators from the Scottsdale Police Dept. have very little to go on so they are asking for the public’s help. If you know anything about these crimes you are asked to call police.