Attorney: Jodi Arias testimony could raise 'red flags'

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Accused killer Jodi Arias has needed to pause and look to her attorney on more than one occasion during her direct examination.

On Monday Arias testified about the days and moments leading up to the killing.
At one point, she spoke about getting her purse. “I went into his bedroom to grab it,” she said before taking a long pause and turning to her attorney who then asked another question.
About eight minutes later, she said, “I got in the car and I started driving home again. I got…,” before trailing off, pausing, and whispering “sorry” to her attorney, who again picked up with another question.
“Those types of answers are red flags for jurors, going, maybe she’s now wondering what her lawyer told her to say,” said Phoenix attorney Brent Kleinman, who has been closely following the Arias trial.
Kleinman said Arias runs the risk of appearing too rehearsed.
“In this case there have been multiple objections where they’re saying she’s been led,” Kleinman said, “The defense is leading Jodi, trying to get her to say what they want, which rarely happens on direct examination.”
Arias is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. She could face the death penalty if she is convicted.
Kleinman said the moments where Arias pauses, and looks to her attorney for guidance could have a major impact on the trial.
“It limits her believability, all of the thinking before answering, because when someone has to think before they present their answers, it’s usually not the truth,” Kleinman said.