Is your Valentine a 'Manopause Man'?

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- The authors of the book “Manopause: Your Guide To Surviving His Changing Life” joined Kaley O'Kelley for a few tips today on  dealing with your Manopausal Valentine. Manopause men are a little older and more experienced.  They may have been married for a while and had their share of Valentine's Days and anniversaries.

Authors Lisa Block and Kathy Silverman have several tips if you’re married to or dating a “menopause” man there are some things you may want to think about to make their Valentine’s day better… and yours!

Celebrate the five sexiest traits of Manopause men.

1. Manopause men have lots of experience, both in and out of bed.

2. Manopause men are able to sustain their lovemaking for a longer period of time. They no longer need to race to the finish.

3. Manopause men have a better understanding of women's feelings and sensitivities, and are more attuned to them.

4. Manopause men are more willing to talk, to listen to you and to share a deep emotional bond.

5. Manopause men have more connective tissue. They love to cuddle and, most often cherish, intimacy.

What are the five most inviting things you can tell your Manopause man on Valentine's Day?

1. Tell your man that his experience and strength of character turn you on.

2. Communicate to your man that he is everything you ever want. His imperfections make you love him more.

3. Put into words intimate details about the things you most enjoy him doing to you in bed.

4. Share with him the many things he does to take care of you every day that you love and appreciate.

5. Remind him of the respect you have for him and tell him why.

How to be intimate with your Manopause man on Valentine's Day.

1. Plan a special experience together, one that is outside the regular routine.

a.  Because a manopause man's brain can be stimulated by new experiences, he will be sensually excited by this.  
b. Take a long drive to a different destination, or explore a different kind of shared physical activity such as hiking to a romantic spot, a shared day at a spa, a wine tasting experience.  Look toward experiences that stimulate the senses.

2. Open up and express your deepest needs and desires, and encourage him to express his.

a. Because your Manopause man may be feeling insecure about himself, give him a list of why he means the world to you. This will empower him both mentally and, therefore, physically.
b.  Revealing your most intimate thoughts can stimulate all kinds of passionate responses. Admitting your vulnerabilities can encourage him to let down his barriers.

3.  Plan a long sexual session with no interruptions.

a. Since Manopause men are more sensual, patient and want to please you, they will most likely revel in the opportunity.
b. Use new words and phrases during sex. They can stimulate the imagination.
c.  Afterward, communicate your honest and deepest feelings, what you liked and didn't like, about your shared experience.

Understand that to be fully intimate, you need to be comfortable with yourself and each other, so that honest and open communication can result. This may mean breaking through your normal boundaries.

Understand there are several types of intimacies, and they are all not sexual, although they can all lead to wonderful lovemaking. Working at developing emotional, experiential, spiritual, and even intellectual intimacy will stimulate your sexual intimacy.

Tips for a happy Valentine’s Day

1. Plan a hike, an outing or a mini vacation -- together! Sharing experiences brings your relationship closer.

2. Express anew your deepest needs and desires,  and encourage him to express his.

3. Share with him the many things he does every day that you love and appreciate.

4. Tell him three wonderful memories you have of things he has done during your relationship. Ask him to share his favorite memories with you.

5. Remind him of the respect you have for him and tell him why.

6. Re-invigorate your sexual wardrobe.  Remember men are visual creatures.

7. Create a vocabulary of sexual words and phrases you can share, both in and outside of bed. Have fun doing this.

8. Do what you know will make your man happy. It will bring you pleasure.