Hail and ice fall in El Mirage; snow in the McDowell Mountains

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

EL MIRAGE, Ariz. -- The Valley of the Sun is seeing another round of wintery weather.

Temperatures in the far southeast reaches of the Valley are set to drop to freezing overnight. Although the below-32-degree temps shouldn't touch the Phoenix metro area, there were plenty of other signs to prove that balmy mid-February average temperatures of around 70 degrees can rapidly descend in the desert.

The McDowell Mountains were capped with snow-covered saguaro cactuses early Monday morning.  Throughout Monday people in Phoenix needed umbrellas to battle chilly rain showers.

In one El Mirage neighborhood a rare wintery mix of hail and ice pellets fell and coated streets, cars and lawns with a thin layer of snow-like slush. In a rare afternoon for the Valley of the Sun, neighbors made a snowman using 5-gallon buckets filled with ice and kids threw snowballs at each other.