Arias drops trial bombshell during testimony

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Jodi Arias on the stand By Catherine Holland Jodi Arias on the stand By Catherine Holland

Warning: Video contains sexually explicit details

PHOENIX -- Jodi Arias dropped a bombshell set of accusations while testifying at her murder trial Monday.

Arias has spent several days on the stand, accusing the man she killed, Travis Alexander, of being emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive.

Arias admits that in June 2008, she stabbed Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, 27 times, slit his throat, and shot him in the head. She claims it was done in self-defense.

On the stand Monday, Arias told the court that in addition to being abusive, Alexander was a pedophile, who made her wear young boys' Spider-Man underwear during sex.

"He had a lot of fantasies," Arias said, "He wanted me to wear boys' underwear and have sex."

I didn't have self esteem. I was a doormat. I didn't assert myself and was in denial.

- Jodi Arias on her relationship with Travis Alexander

Alexander bought her the underwear for Valentine's Day.

"He just said it was 'hot," she explained, "And I just enjoyed making him happy."

When Arias' attorney asked if Alexander liked pretending that Arias was a young boy, she answered, "Yes."

Her accusations of pedophilia continued.

Arias said in January 2008 she walked into Alexander's bedroom to find him naked on the  bed, surrounded by pictures of boys.

"He got really embarrassed," she told the court. "He started grabbing at something on the bed. I realized they were papers, or pictures.  [One of them fell to the floor in front of me.]   It was a picture of a little boy.  He was dressed in underwear, like briefs."

Arias says she got nauseous and threw up after the incident.

Mesa investigators are expected to testify that they found no evidence of child pornography on Alexander's computers or in his home.  

"Computer forensic evidence is better than DNA. It doesn't lie. There was absolutely nothing on Travis Alexander's computer to show he ever had anything to do with child pornography," Phoenix attorney Jason Lamm told 3TV.  Lamm is providing trial analysis for HLN.

Arias' mother, father, brother, and aunt were in court for the graphic testimony.  She said she was embarrassed to be discussing the topics in front of them.

Arias also says she and Alexander tried to curb their sexual activity, to be more in line with their Mormon beliefs.

"We prayed about our actions to try to be more in the line of chastity, and be less physical."

She confided in her roommate, whom she found on an LDS website.

"Her jaw dropped to the floor.  She said we had to go to the  bishop right away.   She said Travis had to go, too, and reminded us to wear our seat belts. The implication was, we don't want to die before we were able to repent," Arias explained.

Still, through all of their religious guilt, their breakups and reconciliations, Arias and Alexander continued their sexual relationship.

"I didn't have self esteem.  I was a doormat.  I didn't assert myself and was in denial," Arias explained, when asked why she kept going back to Alexander despite her claims of abuse.

The physical abuse grew more frequent, Arias testified.  Their arguments would turn violent, she told the jury.   At one point, Arias held up a finger that she says is permanently bent from one such incident with Alexander.

"Sometimes I regret not getting medical help because it would've healed correctly.  Sometimes it feels arthritic compared to my other joints," Arias said of her injured finger.

"What they're trying to do is setup the domestic violence defense to give credibility to the final altercation where she was in fear for her life, and took his," said attorney Jason Lamm.

Arias' testimony is expected to continue for several more days before cross-examination.