Drivers caught off guard by winter weather

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PAYSON, Ariz. -- Students in Payson had a snow day on Monday.

Up to a foot of snow fell overnight.

While students were out making snowmen, some drivers were working or putting chains on their cars.

"It's not fun. It's now become work," said driver Tony Presidio.

Presidio was forced to pull over on Highway 87 heading into Payson on his way to New Mexico. Road crews weren't allowing drivers to continue on without chains.

Another driver, Kyle Smith, also had to put on chains, but he didn’t think he needed them.

"I'm from where it snows and I know how to drive in the snow," he said.

Jackee Williams lives in Payson. The sights don't get much better than from her front porch.

"I just don't drive when it snows. I just don't," she said.

Instead, her daughter helps her with errands when it snows.

Employees in Payson were running up to eight snow plows. Crews managed to clear the major roads and get to many of the smaller streets.

On Monday, no major car accidents were reported in Payson.

The Arizona Department of Transportation had 80 snow plows working across Northern Arizona.

Another snow storm is expected overnight in Payson.