Driver in I-10 chase speaks from jail: 'I simply drove off'

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- After a 40 mile chase, a PIT move by a Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy put an end to Joshua Bloom's ride down the I-10. He's now in Towers Jail, and took 3TV back to Friday afternoon, where officers pulled him over for following a car too closely.

"Upon being pulled over, I was asked to get out of the vehicle and I simply just drove off," he said. "The reason I did not stop or continued going is because I did not want to be left in the desert."

Bloom says he drove off because of a prior time he was pulled over while driving without a license. He says he was stranded in the fields of the southeast Valley.

"[An officer] pulled us over and impounded the vehicle. He was only doing his job, but I pleaded with the officer to please not leave us out there and he said he had no other choice and it was policy. So he left me and my five-year-old son walking, who has autism," said Bloom.

On Friday, Bloom was once again driving without a license. He says he figured if his car was going to get impounded, he'd at least drive to a populated area. He called his girlfriend, and they decided on the I-10 at Jackrabbit.

"She was going to meet me in a neutral spot so she could film me getting out of the vehicle so I wouldn't be hurt," Bloom said.

But of course, his car wasn't just going to be impounded. Bloom was a man on the run, and when deputies caught up with him he surrendered peacefully; his car was worn down to the rims. He says he wants to apologize to the deputies, and hopes people understand why he felt he had to drive off.

"I didn't have any intentions of hurting anybody or any officers, I was just scared of being left out in the middle of the desert and they've already previously done this," said Bloom.

Along with unlawful flight and driving without a license, Bloom is charged with making a threat and aggravated assault. Court records say Bloom hit an officer with his car's side mirror when he first sped away.