3OYS update: MVD rules on 'offensive' plate

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3 On Your Side has an update on an East Valley couple who's license plate was deemed "offensive" by the state.

We got a lot of feedback from viewers on this one.

The couple ordered and paid for the personalized plate but Arizona's Motor Vehicle Division turned their request down, saying the plate was "offensive." But after 3 On Your Side got involved, the agency changed its mind.

Barbara Hallebach is happy and relieved, a far cry from when she and her husband were first profiled in a 3 On Your Side report.

"We are really excited," she said. Obviously, it's the right thing."

You may recall the couple had a lot of unanswered questions from the MVD regarding their request for a personalized license plate.

"It was denied because they said it could be offensive or possibly misleading to the public," the MVD said.

The issue started with Ron's license plate RNB8888, which was approved by the MVD with no problems.
The personalized plate had a special meaning to the couple.

"Our initials are R and B, which stands for Ron and Barb, and 8888 stands for our wedding anniversary," Barbara said. "We were married Aug. 8, 1988, in Sedona, Ariz."

Barbara wanted a similar plate so she ordered basically the same thing, except she wanted just wanted to drop the 8 at the end.

However, the MVD said no way.

"It's a big shock because my husband has a very similar license plate," Barbara said.

The Hallebachs couldn't understand why Ron's was OK but this was offensive, and they couldn't get an answer from the MVD.
So, they contacted 3 On Your Side and we got a hold of the MVD for an explanation.
The agency reviewed the matter again and when they did, Barbara's license plate request was approved.
The Hallebachs say they're thankful because their request is nowhere close to being offensive.

"I'm just so thankful to 3 On Your Side and to Gary Harper for enabling us to get the plate that we should have," Barbara said.

The MVD was great to work with and we certainly appreciate them looking into this matter. But, they wouldn't tell us why the initial request was deemed offensive.