Chef Ehren Proposes on Your Life A to Z

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By Christina Duggan By Christina Duggan

PHOENIX - It was a first for Your Life A to Z. A cooking segment turned momentous mile stone  right in front of Lisa and Suzanne.

Chefs are a common occurrence on the show, but this was no ordinary recipe. Creating a decadent dessert, Chef Ehren from BLD Chandler whisked away more than cream and sugar. Once his desserts where chilled in the refrigerator, Lisa and Suzanne spoke with Ehern and his soon to be fiance Brittney. With Valentine's day around the corner, the hosts took the opportunity to divulge into the Chef's relationship.

"So Valentine's Day is coming up. Do you have anything special planned?" asked Lisa.

Without hesitation Chef said, "Yes I do."

That one question sparked a proposal to his girlfriend right on the set. Cameras rolling, he asked for her hand in marriage. 

And she said... YES!

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. plan to wed in 2013. 

Their Love Story

Ehren and Brittney's love story began five years ago in their families neighborhood, Power Ranch. Brittney lived in a cul-de-sac  with her parents and met Ehren through her next door neighbor.  Ehren would always say hi to Brittney and strike up conversation when he saw her.  He even made comments to the neighbors when Brittney would pull into her driveway, "that's my future wife."   Brittney had an immediate attraction to Ehren and fell in love with his infectious smile.  They began casually dating in 2008 and began a more serious relationship this past year.  As a couple they have grown strong and share a deep love and respect for each other that is rare to come by.  Brittney says, " Ehren is the man every girl dreams of having as their husband.  I truly have the best of both worlds.  He is extremely handy and knowledgeable in many areas such as cars, electrical work, and computers but also shows his artistic and tender side through his romance, cooking, and affection.  He takes amazing care of me, I am beyond blessed." Ehren and Brittney's love continues to grow stronger as they journey together and strive to have their relationship one based on and around Jesus Christ.  Their love for the "simple things" is something they both cherish about each other.  Brittney used to stop by Ehren's house just to give him a hug;" there was something about those hugs that Brittney states "kept me coming back for more.  I could literally feel how much he cared for me through those hugs and felt safe and protected."  Also included in their love for "the little things," were late night walks, star gazing, silly love notes, and simply reaching out a hand for the other to hold.  Ehren and Brittney truly are each other's once in a lifetime love.  " We are both beaming after the engagement today, and could not be happier to spend our lives together."