Former LAPD detective reviews manhunt suspect's manifesto

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PRESCOTT, Ariz -- A former LAPD detective says a chill went down his spine as he read the manifesto posted by wanted former police officer Christopher Dorner.

"My feeling is, he may have read my book. Some of his manifesto reads right out of my book," former detective Mike Rothmiller, who now lives in Prescott, told 3TV.

"The racism, brutality, perjury by officers he talks about? That absolutely rings true," said Rothmiller, whose book "LA Secret Police" examines what he calls a culture of corruption in the LAPD.

Still, while Rothmiller believes some of Dorner's gripes may be realistic, he is shocked to see a former officer essentially declare war on his colleagues.

"It absolutely appears the man has cracked.  Virtually every officer should be concerned.  He is not mentally sound."

"The odds are, he's going to make a mistake and give away his location.  I fear this will end in a gun battle near the LAPD offices."