Shetland Salmon & Smoked Tomato Grits

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Serves 4

1C  Yellow Grits
2C  Water
1C  Smoked Tomato Puree
1/2C  Jalapeno Jack Cheese
1C  Pepper Jack; shredded
  season to taste with kosher salt

1/2C  Sun-Dried Tomato; diced small
2T  Flat Leaf Parsley; minced
1T  Shallots; minced
1/4C  Fresh Lemon Juice
2T  White Balsamic Vinegar
2T  Olive Oil
1T  Lemon Zests

4  7 oz. Salmon Filets; skin-on, boneless, center-cut
1/4C  Olive Oil
2T  Wondra
1/2t  White Pepper

1. In a heavy sauce pan, over moderately high heat, bring the water to a boil. Lower the heat to medium, add the grits and cook, stirring continuously until the grits become soft. Fold in the smoked tomato puree, butter and cheese. Season to taste, cover and set aside in a warmer.
2. For the sauce; whisk the sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, shallots, lemon juice, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lemon zests together in a bowl. Season to taste and set aside at room temperature.
3. Heat the olive oil in a non-stick skillet over high heat until the oil is very hot then reduce the heat slightly. Season the salmon filet with a mixture of the white pepper and Wondra. Place the salmon filet skin side down into the skillet gently pressing on the filet to make sure the skin will crisp evenly. Cook for 2 minutes, turn it over and reduce the heat to low. Allow the salmon to rest in the skillet for 4 minutes.
4. While the salmon is finishing, place a small mound of the grits in the center of a warm plate. Lay the filet skin side up, on the grits and spoon the Sauce Vierge over the salmon.