Native American man scolds illegal immigration protesters

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PHOENIX -- It’s a voice in the immigration debate we don’t often hear, but video posted on YouTube shows a man who identifies himself as a Native American scolding a group of people protesting illegal immigration.

“You’re all illegal,” the man can be heard screaming.  “We didn’t invite you here.  We’re the only Native Americans here….we didn’t invite none of you.”
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3TV showed the video to Patti Hibbeler of the Phoenix Indian Center.

“I would have to say that I think a number of Native Americans agree with what was said,” Hibbeler said.

Hundreds of years later, Hibbeler says Native Americans are still affected since their land and lives were redefined.

“The artificial borders put into place by government are not tribal borders, but they have divided families, divided individuals,” she explained.

The man captured on video shows emotions are still raw as he shouts, “Get on with all your bogus arguments; we’re the only legal ones here.”

While not everyone agrees with the man’s approach, they can understand his argument.

“It’s still a legitimate point,” said Victor Moreno.  “He’s going way too far back.”

However, Hibbeler says the past is still creating issues for Native American families today living in the United States, and north and south of the border.

“There has to be some reform to immigration,” she told 3TV.  “What’s the ideal?  I’m not sure, but I do think Native American people have to be at the table; they’re not.”

Video: Native American man says, 'We're the only legal ones here' (contains language some might find offensive)

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