New meth lab trend emerging

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PHOENIX -- We’ve seen it time and time again, law enforcement officers raiding suspected meth labs and then finding an elaborate array of methamphetamine and drug-making supplies.

Now, there’s a new trend of meth labs sweeping the nation. These meth labs have become a lot smaller, but are still extremely dangerous.
Sgt. Don Shaerrard with Maricopa County’s Drug Suppression Team said this new way of making methamphetamine is called the “One Pot” method. It’s easy to make, easy to transport, hard to spot out, and highly explosive.
Meth users can make small batches of the drug by buying a couple of pseudoephedrine packets, some everyday cleaning products, an accelerant of some type, and a soda bottle. These bottles can be carried around in people’s back pockets, backpacks, and their cars.
Drug suppression teams on the east coast and in the Midwest are seeing these types of meth labs more and more. Some have blown up and have even caused fires in homes, vehicles and motorhomes.
What many people don’t know and should be aware of is that often times after the meth has been made, drug makers just toss out the bottles. They’ll throw them into ditches, into trash cans or along sidewalks.

“It doesn’t look like the kind of waste or trash that we would have in our homes and that’s the stuff people need to clue in on, that something might be up,” said Shaerrard.
Shaerrard said if you happen to come across any type of soda bottle that’s been tossed out, it’s best to just leave them alone.