Arias trial's graphic testimony - too explicit, or too important to leave out?

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The details of anyone's sexual relationships aren't something one wants to openly share, but in Jodi Arias' case, they may be vital to her defense.

"We started kissing, it turned a little more passionate, more intense and soon we were both nude," said Arias during testimony Wednesday. 

By telling the specifics on Arias' bedroom behaviors with ex Travis Alexander, her team is portraying her as a woman who felt she had to do acts she didn't want to.

"I don't even think its necessary actually. I just think that's where they're going with it to make the jury feel a little different like, 'Awwww, she had [to deal with] this during her lifetime,'" said Latrina Rosemond, who's been watching the case.

Some like Rosemond might think sharing the explicit details is a bit much, but attorney Brent Kleinman, who's not working but watching the case, said the jury has to hear the details if they're ever going to buy Arias' defense.

"Nobody else can create the knowledge of a relationship that is so private," said Kleinman.
This tactic paints Alexander as only using Jodi for her body, a sharp contrast to her demure appearance on the stand. But is all the explicit detail enough to sway the jury that Arias needed to defend herself against a sexually domineering Alexander?

"If she plays a victim well, it may play well to the jury," said Kleinman.

Arias will be back on the stand next Monday morning.