Pair saves a woman from fire at Mesa apartment complex

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

Two men are being called heroes, after they sprang into action when a fire broke out at a Mesa apartment complex.

The blaze started just after noon Tuesday at the complex near Dobson Road and University Drive.

It was area resident Zach Vantress who first noticed something wasn't right.

"When I started coming toward the apartment I noticed that it (the fire) started getting bigger and bigger," Vantress says.

Vantress then called his friend Austin Sawyer, who lives in the building.

"My friend... said there was a fire going on and I run downstairs and I saw the second floor apartment; the window was bursting open with flames," says Sawyer.

The duo jumped into action, knocking on doors in the complex, trying to warn neighbors about the fire.

But when Sawyer got to the condo where the fire started, he was startled to find out that the apartment was not vacant.

"We realized someone is on the other side of the door, holding the door shut," Sawyer says. So he and another man began to kick the door in.

"We're like, get out there's a fire! And she's just dazed and confused and doesn't know what's going on," Sawyer remembers.

Sawyer and the neighbors pulled the woman from her apartment.

"Her hair was singed; her nostril was burned," says Sawyer.

"She kind of looked like she wasn't all there," recalls Vantress. "She was kind of out of it; I think the smoke got to her.

The woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor smoke inhalation.

The men say they're just glad they were in the right place at the right time.

"If they hadn't have done that and knocked on the door and almost broke it down, she could have been a lot worse than she is now," says Vantress.

"It was my adrenaline," says Sawyer. "I wasn't scared it was just something I had to do to make sure everyone was going to get out safe."

Firefighters were able to control the fire in less than 15 minutes, and were able to contain it to just that one apartment.

Firefighters say it appears the fire started in a bedroom. The cause is still under investigation.

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