Top passwords to avoid

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- There have been a rash of computer breaches recently and there are some things you need to do to keep your information safe.

Your password is your first line of defense, but there is a problem. Some people use the same password for everything just to make it easier on themselves.

Another problem is that many of us use passwords that we shouldn't.

These days, you have to have a password for everything. If you're firing up your computer you better have your password ready. When logging on to Facebook you have to remember a password. You even need a four-digit password to get cash out of an ATM.
And, of course, everyone thinks their password is unique.

"It's combining the game Jenga with the password Django, the new movie by Quentin Tarantino," one Valley resident said about his password.

"I cannot remember one to another and then when they force you to change it, it's even worse," another Valley resident said.

"You kind of have to change it up a bit and then it's hard to remember how you changed it up a bit for each one," one valley resident said about her passwords.

But according to, there are certain passwords you want to stay away from because they're not only the most common, but also the worst.

First on the list is password. Believe it or not, people actually use "password" as their password and that's a horrible idea.
The second worst password consumers use is 123456. It's a no-brainer because it's hard to forget but it's one of the first passwords scammers try when breaking into an account.
Next on the list is the same thing except consumers just add on a 7 and 8. So it's 12345678 and, again, it's a bad idea.

The next worst password that we use is ABC123. Certainly not creative but easy to remember.

And finally, does this password look familiar? QWERTY. It looks like Qwerty and it probably seems familiar. That's because it's the first six letters found on your keyboard.

One Valley man said, "I really keep it as simple as possible, I do the absolute minimum possible to establish and remember a password."

Remember to use different passwords for different accounts and be creative.