Phoenix veteran's flags stolen from front yard

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- For the past 17 years, Dale Richardson started his day by saluting the two flags that flew from a pole in his front yard.

Monday morning, however, Richardson was shocked to see the pole bent and both the American flag and Marine Corps flag long gone.

"I'm what you would call an extreme patriot," Richardson said, explaining why he joined the Marine Corps while still in high school.

"It turned a boy into a man, and I wanted to be the best fighting man I could be," he added. 

Richardson also said once a Marine, always a Marine and that's why he insisted on flying the two flags in front of his Phoenix home on 23rd Avenue near Glendale Avenue.

His wife, Annie, said because the flags represent the family's love of country and her husband's love of the Corps, they'll replace both flags within the next day or so.

"He won't be happy without those flags flying in our front yard," she said and her husband agrees.

"We'll put them back up and if they tear them down again, they'll go back up again," he said.