Safer streets in Peoria, thanks to new traffic signals

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA -- The streets of Peoria are now a little safer, thanks to some new flashing left-turn signals.

City engineers have turned on the flashing yellow left-turn signal at the intersection of 75th Avenue and Thunderbird Road. They hope the result with be more safe turns and smoother traffic flow.

"It basically works like a solid green light. But the flashing yellow arrow lets drivers know they can make the left turn after the road is clear," explains Deputy City Manager Susan Daluddung, who oversees the Engineering Department.

The signal will flash alongside the solid green "circle"; then both turn into solid yellow, warning drivers to slow down, followed by solid reds for all traffic to stop. "We're hoping it'll also increase safety because intuitively drivers know to proceed with caution whenever they see a flashing yellow signal," Daluddung says.

"The National Cooperative Highway Research Program found that intersections with the flashing yellow arrow had a reduction in crashes," said Jamal Rahimi, city traffic engineer.

This is the first of many intersections to get the signal. By June, the city plans to install the flashing yellow arrow at three other Peoria intersections: Lake Pleasant and Beardsley roads, 83rd and Peoria avenues, and Peoria Avenue and Cotton Crossing.

Lake Pleasant and West Wing parkways are in the design phase.