Gov. Brewer attends Super Bowl with Scottsdale 'Party King'

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

NEW ORLEANS -- While most Arizonans watched the Super Bowl at home Sunday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was hanging out in New Orleans with some big stars and the so-called “Party King of Scottsdale.”

Brewer was in the Big Easy with her son, Michael Brewer, Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald, actor Edward James Olmos and Scottsdale business man Jason Hope

The governor's spokesman, Matthew Benson, said Hope invited Brewer and her son to travel to the game on his private jet.

The Brewers, he said, paid for their own tickets and left Sunday morning before jetting back to the Valley immediately after the game.

Hope, for those who don't know, was once referred to as the"Party King of Scottsdale" after throwing an extravagant $500,000 Christmas shindig at his pad here in the Valley.

According to the website, Hope paid $100,000 to rapper Ludacris, $17,500 to reality star Snooki, and $5,000 to ex-athlete and step-sire of the Kardashian clan, Bruce Jenner, to attend the 2010 party.

On a more serious note, Hope has also been accused of some shady business deals in the past. Hope is the owner of Jawa, a Scottsdale-based company that creates cell phone applications.

In 2011, the firm was accused of participating in a "complex scam" to rip off Verizon customers, according to a lawsuit.

That same year, Hope agreed to a $2 million settlement with the State of Texas. According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the Lone Star State had been investigating Jawa for improper billing practices.

Word of the governor's trip -- which wasn't posted on her public schedule -- started spreading after Fitzgerald posted a picture on his Twitter page. The picture showed Fitzgerald, the Brewers, Olmos and Hope on the privarte jetliner.