New shot enhances sexual experience for women

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- It's called the "G-Spot shot" and ladies, it's here just in time for Valentine's Day.

Dr. Angela DeRosa from DeRosa Medical says two injections, the "G-Spot" and the "O-Spot," are gaining popularity here in the Valley. 

The G-Spot shot is an injection specifically designed to enlarge the G-spot making it easier to find, as well as more sensitive to stimulation. The O-Spot shot is an injection just beneath the clitoris and the tissue between the urethra and vagina, designed to make both more sensitive and fuller

DeRosa explains how platelet-rich plasma is injected.

"They take some of your blood out and they put it in to stimulate cell growth in that area to make the area larger, and supposedly more attainable and sensitive."

The area near the clitoris and vaginal wall treated is numbed beforehand so there is no pain. The entire procedure takes about `0 minutes, and the results are immediate.

The injections were first introduced in 2012 in Beverly Hills.

"It's supposed to last forever, but there are some studies that suggest every three to four months," DeRosa said.

Doctors who perform the procedures say it can treat women who suffer from hypoactive sexual disorder (low desire) and female sexual arousal disorder. It can also help women who become aroused but have difficulty achieving orgasm or who suffer pain during sex.

Dr. Kevin Aister at the Artemis Laser & Vein Center in Scottsdale is among the first to offer the injections. Aister says patients report improved vaginal lubrication, increased libido, as well as stronger, more frequent orgasms. He finds that the shot is typically effective for about a year.

The cost of the shot runs about $1,200.