City of Phoenix gives you the option to use plastic at the meter

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PHOENIX -- Parking downtown can be a hassle, especially when you find a meter to park at but have no change. Now, the city of Phoenix is changing that by converting 545 coin-operated meters to single-space, solar-powered meters that now take credit or debit cards in addition to coins.

The meters will generally be located in the downtown area, but the new machines will also be located in the uptown area and Phoenix College.

Patrons and visitors can save time and the hassle of trying to find loose change to nab a parking spot. The new meters also provide assistance to the city of Phoenix.

“The new meters make it easier for people to visit downtown and support local businesses,” said Councilman Michael Johnson. “It also simplifies the collection process for the city and helps maximize funds to support important city services, like public safety, community centers and libraries.”

The meters will be easy to identify with a green band around the meter post and logos displaying acceptable credit cards.

These parking spaces are not the only ones getting an overhaul by the city. In April, other coin-operated meters will become more convenient when they are converted to pay stations that take credit and debit cards.

Once the first phase is complete, about 680 of the city’s 2,400 parking meters will be accessible with credit and debit cards.

The parking meters will continue to be $1.50 per hour between the enforcement hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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