Phoenix weather: January wetter, colder than normal

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PHOENIX -- It’s still pretty fresh in our memories. The crazy cold weather we had with four consecutive mornings with below freezing temperatures. And we had one of those “coldest” high temperatures, too.

There was the big rain day, Saturday the 26th, when we got over 1 inch of rain at most Valley locations. And then, in-between, a couple of days with record highs. So it’s not really surprising that overall, we just finished up a colder and wetter than average January.

According to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, our average high was 65-degrees and our average low was 42, about 3 degrees below normal. And we got 1.39 inches of rain, which made it the 24th wettest January on record for Phoenix. Those weather records go back to 1895.

For this weekend, the quiet weather pattern is going to continue featuring lots of sunshine and temperatures above average. Around metro Phoenix, that means we’ll see highs in the mid-70s with some high clouds from time-to-time.

The February outlook, according to the Climate Prediction Center, could feature some weather similar to what we had in January. Right now, we’re expecting rather seasonal temperatures but a better than average chance we’ll see more rain and snow than normal.