Can Superbowl Sunday be hazardous to your health?

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The Doctors By Tami Hoey The Doctors By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Can Superbowl Sunday be bad for your health?

On Friday's Good Morning Arizona, two experts from the show "The Doctors" told us that the Superbowl may be linked to an uptick in heart attacks.

Dr. Travis Stork  and Doctor Andrew Ordon say that's especially the case if your team loses.  It seems the stress of the loss, combined with all the drinking and eating that day, can lead to heart issues.

"Most people eat over 2,000 calories during the Superbowl meal," says Stork. That's enough caloric intake for the entire day.

But you can always make healthier choices to decrease your heart attack risk, especially when cooking.

"Make some zucchini fries, but bake those, instead of fry them," says Ordon."For nachos, make your own tortilla chips, but bake them instead of fry them. And the kicker? Instead of sour cream, try some Greek yogurt."

Tune in to The Doctors,  Friday at 1pm, right here on 3TV, for more heart-healthy swaps for favorite game-day snacks. The Doctors will give you recipes that won't widen the waistline, and also offer safety tips for barbecuing and grilling.