Woman's 'entire life' stolen from storage facility.

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman stuffed all of her personal belongings into a storage facility, only to eventually find out all of her items were stolen.

Juanita Acosta and her husband are currently staying with a relative due to a string of bad luck.

"Due to people scamming us, we lost our house and we lost our jobs, so we had to go to New Mexico," Acosta explained.

But before they left the state, Acosta said they packed up everything they owned and put it at a storage facility called Thomas & 83rd Self Storage.

"Everything I had in my home was high in value, good quality stuff, Princess house, valuable expensive things," said Acosta.

Acosta said she stayed on top of all of her monthly storage fees. In fact every payment was automatically debited from her bank account, which sometimes was a sacrifice.

"There were times where I would even go without food because it was so important for me to make sure I paid my storage because I didn't want to lose my belongings," Acosta stated.

Acosta said after nine successful storage payments, the storage facility called her regarding a concern they had.

"She told me the lock I had on there wasn't very secure, but said she could put one of their locks on and that their locks are very secure and that she would mail the key to New Mexico. I said, 'well ok', cause I trusted her," Acosta recalled.

Acosta said she received the new key and called every month to ensure her possessions were still secure with that new lock.

But when she and her husband traveled back to Phoenix recently to retrieve their belongings their hearts sank when they checked on their stuff.
"When I got there I unlocked the lock, lifted open the storage door and there was nothing in there, I started crying and went straight to their front office," said Acosta.

Acosta said the facility couldn't explain why her entire storage facility was empty, yet the pad lock was still in place.

She also wonders how long she had been making monthly payments on an empty storage room.

Upset, Acosta said she filed a Phoenix Police burglary report, but the storage facility never could explain what might have happened.

So Acosta contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I remember all the things I had that I'm never getting back," Acosta said through tears.

3 On Your Side got a hold of the storage facility, which claimed they were new owners and had nothing to do with Acosta's situation.

So 3 On Your Side tracked down the old owners, who looked into the matter.

They said that Acosta's situation is highly unusual but after our involvement, the storage facility agreed to pay Acosta $2,500, the maximum amount allowed due to burglaries.

"I feel so sad, so stressed because after losing our house, our jobs and now everything from my home," said Acosta. "It's just not right."