Senate panel votes to outlaw new federal gun laws

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- As Phoenix police hunted for a man suspected of shooting to death a local businessman and wounding two others Wednesday, state lawmakers passed a bill that would outlaw enforcement of new federal gun restrictions in Arizona.
The Republican-backed bill sailed through a Senate panel on a day in which gun violence and dominated the national headlines.
If the proposal becomes law it would ban enforcement of federal laws that restrict semi-automatic weapons or high capacity magazine clips as long as the gun was made in Arizona.
The measure still has a long way to go before becoming law. The full Senate and House still have to approve the bill and Republican Gov. Jan Brewer would have to sign it.
Just hours before SB 1112 passed the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Gabrielle Giffords was in Washington D.C. where she told members of Congress that they must act now to stop gun violence because, "too many children are dying."
The former Arizona congresswoman was shot in the head two years during a mass killing that left six people dead in Tucson.
Her husband, Mark Kelly, also testified before the U.S. Senate panel. It was during his testimony that he informed the Senators that there was another shooting here in Phoenix with several victims.
As of late Wednesday, police were still searching for the 70-year-old suspected shooter, Arthur D. Harmon, who lives in North Phoenix.
Police have accused Harmon of storming into a business complex in central Phoenix and fatally gunning down 49-year-old businessman Steve Singer. Two other people were also shot including Singer’s attorney, Mark Hummels.


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