Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday without ruining your diet

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PHOENIX -- The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday and for those planning game day festivities, food is sure to be one of the top priorities.

Health expert Julie Upton notes how easy it is for game day favorites to ruin your diet.

“You can consume two to three days worth of calories and two to three days worth of the unhealthy saturated fat during the game,” she said.

Upton stopped by to share some strategies for leaner, healthier game day alternatives.

For some crunchy snacks that can replace chips, Upton suggests a veggie tray.

“Because people, when they’re watching the game, they’re tense,” said Upton. “They want something to crunch on.”

It’s as simple as replacing chips with carrots and you shave off a little over 100 calories per serving.

Chicken wings are another popular Super Bowl food and people are going to consume more than one billion wings during the game.

“They’re among the worst Super Bowl foods,” Upton said.

She suggests grilling, broiling, or baking boneless and skinless chicken breast pieces for a healthier alternative.

It is a day to enjoy the game and your favorite game day foods along with it. But you don’t have to let Super Bowl grub affect your diet or your waistline.