Motorcycle safety top concern just days after fatal freeway accident

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PHOENIX -- A statewide push to highlight motorcycle safety comes just days after a fatal motorcycle accident on a valley freeway.

That crash happened on the Interstate 17/Interstate 10 transition ramp. The man riding the motorcycle was approaching the turn on the ramp when he went off into the gravel and was thrown from his bike.
Ron Arieli of TEAM Arizona notes how dangerous curves can be for motorcyclists.

“Thirty seven percent, as a matter of fact, are single-vehicle rider-error-induced accidents and they are in corners,” Arieli said.

Arieli stopped by to share motorcycle safety tips both for motorcycle riders and those they share the road with. In the video above, Arieli explains how to properly handle a curve while riding a motorcycle.

“One of the things we teach is how to properly corner and it’s not as simple as it looks,” Arieli said.

He also explained the four pillars of motorcycle safety: braking, low-speed maneuvering, hazard avoidance, and high-speed cornering.