Things that will be cheaper in 2013

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Last week we told you about some of the items that you'll be paying more for this year.

Well, there's a flip side to that because some consumer stuff is not going up at all, but instead will be going down.

Consumers are tired of spending money and need a break. In fact, you probably don't care what goes down in price in 2013, just as long as it goes down.

Well, the good news according to is gas is expected to drop this year. In fact, oil analysts say oil prices have peaked and the only place to go is down.

That means gas prices will drop and it should hurt a little less to fill up at the pump.

Smart phones will drop in price this year. Everyone either has one, or intends on getting one soon.
Consumer advocates say that means more deals, like getting a free smart phone as long as you sign a two year contract with your provider.
Computer hard drives will plummet in price. In fact, they're supposed to drop by more than 30 percent this year.
Solar products will be going down too. Prices are decreasing due to more efficient manufacturing and better technology.
Big screen TVs will also drop in price. But the most significant drop will be on TVs 60 inches or bigger.
So, if you're in the market for a TV, you might as well go big.

And finally, video games will be going down, which is good news if you have kids. Gaming rental service are helping to drive competitive prices, which experts say will lower the cost of games.