Throngs of spectators show up for Jodi Arias murder trial

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Richard and Peggy Sue Garcia are enjoying retired life. They spend their free time watching high-profile murder cases unfold, not just on television but inside actual courtrooms.

"We enjoy going to courts all over the United States, which is one of our hobbies," Richard Garcia said.

Like many people, they're also fascinated with Jodi Arias' death penalty trial. Arias is accused of killing boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.

"You get bits and pieces in the news and in the papers. You get the whole thing in court," Richard said.

On Tuesday, the couple showed up for day one of Arias' defense, but no seats were open.

"It's kind of disappointing for me because we've been coming every day," Peggy Sue said.

A shock, as the Garcias haven't had a problem getting seats in the past.

"We had to wait in the hallway until there was some room and there is no room," Richard said. "There are a lot more family members that came in and they're taking the pews."

Arias' family took up a row and a half in the courtroom. We're told more of her family showed up Tuesday than in the past. The victim's family took two rows and the media three.

"We did come at the same time we always do," Peggy Sue said. "It was packed. We'll wait here until we can get in."

Deborah Cozza and Mercedes Tucker also hoped for seats but those hopes were quickly dashed.

"We're just waiting right now if seats come available after lunch maybe we will get in, hopefully," Tucker said.

When court took a break at noon the victim's sister, Tanisha Sorenson, and her husband, Harold, were seen heading to lunch.

"We can't comment right now, I'm sorry," Sorenson said.

Harold said they are "holding up."

Some said this case is starting to draw the same sort of crowds similar to other high-profile trials.

"It's like déjà vu. It's like Casey Anthony all over again, like O.J. Simpson for that matter," Cozza said.

Headline News talk show host Nancy Grace is in town touring the jail where Arias is being held.

Arias is now sharing the spotlight with Grace at least for now.

"I'd love to see her here," said Peggy Sue said.

As of 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, there was one seat left in the courtroom for Grace, who is expected to sit in court and watch the trial before her show airs this week.