Update: Board member threatens to shoot woman over feral cats resigns

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

MESA, Ariz. -- Kim Harris got an apology from a board member who sent out a nasty email about her putting out food and water for feral cats around her condo in Mesa.

Last year Harris took pity on the one-time skinny animals.

"When the cats are hungry how could you not feed them?" questioned Harris.

Her homeowners association is now fining her for feeding the feral animals.

She also paid to have some of the cats fixed and vaccinated.

Harris said there's only a few feral cats on the property.

A board member sent an email to the board with options on how to get rid of the animals and Harris.

"They threatened to shoot me," Harris said. "I think it's awful. Who likes to receive something like this?"

The email wasn't exactly meant for her eyes.

William Delahay forwarded her the email. He's on the board and also loves cats.

He was stunned to get the email that reads:

This lady is another looney tune character. Why would we be blessed with another one ????

How about if we informed her that we will take action in regards to her activities of feeding the feral cats on the property.

A. We will trap the cats and dispose of.

B. We could set out a poison control substance ounce for ounce of what she feeds the cats.

C. Just shoot her and put her out her misery....

Best I can think of that may or may not be legal.....

"I got that and it just shocked the hell out of me," Delahay said.

The board member accused of writing the email wasn't answering his door when 3TV knocked.

The president of Red Mountain Management, David Henderson, told us via telephone, "This is a private association issue and ongoing matter. The HOA declines to respond at this point except to say they're examining options related to feral cats and residents who wish to feed them. They (HOA) may be inclined to respond at a later time."

Fearful, Harris hired an attorney and filed a police report.

"I'm shocked disappointed and don't understand why they don't like feral cats being fed," she said.

On Thursday, Henderson issued 3TV another statement regarding the resignation of the board member who wrote the nasty email.

"An issue in the Los Racimos Homeowners Association (Mesa) has stirred up emotions both in and out of the community after reports that a board member recommended violence as a solution to resolve unwanted feeding of stray cats. The Los Racimos Board has never advocated killing cats nor have they advocated bringing violence against humans or animals.

"However, in a private e-mail to his board colleagues, one member showed his frustration with the issue, when he sarcastically suggested a series of violent ways to get rid of the problem. He has since apologized to Ms. Harris, the Board and the community for 'my very poor judgment and choice of words that I used in a recent email in reference to the feral cat issue. I mean absolutely no harm to Ms. Harris or to any animals.' He has resigned from the Board. The Los Racimos Board has accepted the resignation.

"This issue has always been about acceptable and unacceptable activities on the common area of the Los Racimos condominium community. Any warnings or fines that have been levied have been related to inappropriate activity on the common area of the community in accordance with existing community restrictions spelled out in the CC&R language.

"The activity in this instance was feeding cats and leaving related litter in the parking lot, which is part of the common area, but it could just as easily have been hanging laundry in the parking lot; conducting a rummage sale in the common area or storing furniture in the parking place assigned to her for parking purposes, all of which are restricted activities.

"The Board has received information about the activity of feeding cats from both sides of the issue; those who are passionate about their care for cats and those who are equally concerned about the negative impact of supporting the existing population of stray cats.

"The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to enforce the restrictions. They have been struggling to come up with an interpretive guideline to use in enforcement of the related community restriction. They will not act rashly. They will give this the careful deliberation that it deserves and will meet in an open Board Meeting session to examine their options. That meeting has not yet been scheduled."

The board member who resigned has declined an interview with 3TV.