Color Run still a huge hit despite rain

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- It might not get any better than running a race while being showered with colored powder, unless, of course, it rains. And that is exactly what happened at Arizona’s Color Run.

Runners and walkers alike powered through the rainy weather Saturday morning in downtown Tempe for The Color Run, a three mile race that blasts participants with colored powder as they pass through designated color zones.

Sussely Morales was busy working at the race. Morales would have liked to participate but she also enjoyed being on the sidelines.

“Honestly it’s kind of rainy,” said Morales. “It’s fun to watch, but I’m trying to stay dry right now.”

Many were prepared for the rainy event, bringing along umbrellas and plastic covers to stay dry. Some took advantage of the rain, sliding through the mud and water after they crossed the finish line. But color blasting continued after the race as participants gathered for the after party held on location.

Donations for the Tempe Color Run went to Banner Health and Special Olympics Arizona. The race moves to different cities across the United States and a different charity is chosen for each city.

The next race will be in Los Angeles February 2.