Teen reveals why her high school is an easy target for armed attack

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- On Dec. 20, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested a 16-year-old junior at Red Mountain High School who had threatened to shoot students, blow up the school and commit suicide.

3TV has obtained video of an investigator asking the student about her plans, and how she planned to carry them out.

During the interrogation video, the East Valley teen talks a lot about security at Red Mountain High School and how she believes it would be very easy for anyone to carry out an armed attack on campus.

"Someone could like, just come up, to the gate during passing period and just start shooting people and frickin, you don't have to be on campus,” said the student.

She went on to add that even if police were called, it wouldn’t be hard to blow up the building.

"Granted I know there would be like police guys that would be there at the scene in 2 minutes but it would take less than that to blow up the entire high school if you strung all the bombs together in put them in strategic places,” she explained.

While she said she had guns in her home, the teen explained that she didn't have access to any firearms.

"I don't even know where the guns are, I assume they're in the place behind the fridge, or the other fridge, underneath the staircase but I don't really know," she stated.

The student was arrested just days after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., but she said the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary didn’t influence her behavior.

"I was going to do it before,” said the student, adding that she had been thinking about her alleged plot for a week or two.

She did admit that she felt bad for the victims in the Sandy Hook shooting, particularly the parents.

Despite her moments of sympathy, the teen said there are often times when she has little compassion for people.

"Sometimes I'm rational, like, why would I ever do that? But then I'm irrational and I just want to frickin' kill everyone," she explained.

The student said she doesn't notice a difference in her behavior when she takes her medication, but her mother does so she was forced to keep taking it.

"It's stupid. It costs money. I would rather have that money for college or something," she remarked.

The teen is currently on house arrest.

As far as the lack of security allegations at Red Mountain High School, the Mesa School District told 3TV they have no comment on the release of the interrogation video.

Maricopa County Sheriff's report