Couple said rescue group won't return their dog

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

If you're a pet owner, losing your dog can happen if you leave the gate open or if the dog digs a hole under the fence.

That's what happened to one Valley couple but they want others to see what they are going through to get their dog returned.
Craig Quillen said he only has a few things left to remember his beloved dog named DC.

"He's an English Bulldog, really cool, he's a really neat dog, that's the hard part," Quillen said.

Unfortunately, DC got lose one night and ran off.

Quillen and his live-in girlfriend, Colleen White, said they were devastated.

The couple said they immediately scoured the neighborhood and put up lost posters of DC. They also posted DC's picture on the Internet and that's when they say they got good news.

Someone wrote to them saying an organization called Almost Home Bulldog Rescue had taken DC out of Animal Care and Control and had him in its possession.

However, the couple said getting DC back has been an issue.

"They told us where they found him, how long they've had him and that we'd have to go through the adoption process to get him back," Quillen said.

The couple said they had to apply to get their dog returned by filling out applications and adoption contracts, even though they say the organization acknowledged the dog in their possession was their dog due to photographs they handed over.

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue even inspected the couple's house.

The couple said they felt the process was unnecessary but were doing anything to get DC returned.

"I was excited to find him but to adopt my own dog back, no I wasn't too excited about that," Quillen.

Quillen said he and his girlfriend even agreed to reimburse Almost Home Bulldog Rescue $280 for medical expenses the group claims it incurred for DC.

They said the adoption was approved, but when it came time to pick DC up Quillen said it never happened.

"She wouldn't speak to us anymore and the dog is theirs," he said.

Amy White is a director for Almost Home Bulldog Rescue. 3 On Your Side went to the Phoenix address that she lists for her organization, but no one answered.

However, she told us on the phone that she rescued DC from Animal Control because he was going to be euthanized even though the agency told 3 On Your Side that DC was never on their euthanasia list.

Regardless, Amy White said she later changed her mind about returning DC because Quillen, and particularly his girlfriend, had grown hostile during the adoption process.

White even got an injunction against harassment saying she was concerned.

The couple said they were, of course, aggravated with the adoption ordeal, but said they were always professional.

And finally, Amy White told 3 On Your Side she later became convinced that the dog she had may not even be DC.

"They only had the dog for one to two months and they had no documentation to prove this was their dog," she said.

Quillen and his girlfriend said they are heartbroken and claim the organization's name is appropriate.

By the way, Amy White said the dog has already been adopted out so the issue is really moot now.

However, there are a lot of opinions out there.