Arizona gas prices rise for second straight week

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Prices at the pump are on the rise for a second straight week in Arizona.

According to AAA Arizona, gas prices rose nearly 4 cents this week to $3.121 per gallon. The national average also went up by 3 cents this week to $3.321 per gallon.

Linda Gorman with AAA Arizona said motorists might want to get used to paying a little more when they go to fill up.

“Pump prices are continuing to slowly rise in all parts of the country, including Arizona,” said Gorman. “As spring approaches and demand starts to pick up, this type of price movement is typical for this time of year. Looking ahead, the sluggish price rise Arizona motorists have been experiencing over the last two weeks will likely persist.”

Tucson continues to have the lowest average price of gas in the state at $2.944 per gallon, while Flagstaff’s average is the highest at $3.302 per gallon.

Wyoming residents are enjoying the lowest gas average in the Continental U.S. at $2.819 per gallon. New York has the highest average at $3.723 per gallon.

Gas prices across the state of Arizona.