ASU students rank high in search for Sugar Daddies online

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz. -- In college, being able to pay your bills often means eating on the cheap and a part time, minimum wage job. But not for a certain group of Arizona State University coeds, who've found a way to turn ramen into a steak dinner.

"I feel like I'm in almost a traditional relationship with someone who just wants to do nice things for me," said Ashley, a 24-year-old Junior at ASU.

For almost a year now, Ashley has been spoiled with dinner, trips and money towards her bills. She says there is real romance, and the feeling of financial freedom with no sexual expectations.

"If we're at my house and I'm checking the mail and there's a bill, and he slips me 100 dollars in my pocket and says go pay your cable, that's not somebody who's saying I want this for this," she said.

Sugar Daddies like Ashley's aren't a new concept, but they way they met is. Seeking Arrangement is a website with 2 million members, where established professionals seek Sugar Babies, some of whom advertise exactly the kind of cash they're looking for. A growing number are college students.

In fact, ASU came in at number six of the top twenty schools seeing an increase in students signing up as Sugar Babies.

"We received 204 new sugar baby sign-ups which was a 240% increase in overall membership from that university [in 2012]." said Angela Jacob, speaking on behalf of Seeking Arrangement.

She calls this is the smart alternative to dropping out of school or working a dismal job to cover college costs, and Ashley agrees. She feels empowered by her arrangement - why wouldn't she do it? She pays tuition and he covers the rest, all while enjoying the finer things in life.

"And that's something, if I was dating a 25-year-old college student, they wouldn't have been able to afford," said Ashley.

Jacob says the University of Arizona saw a 171% increase in Sugar Baby sign-ups in 2012. The top five schools ahead of ASU in the rankings include Georgia State University, New York University, Temple University, along with Central Florida and South Florida Universities.