Items to increase in price this year

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- We all like to save money. But on the flip side, 3 On Your Side found that you're actually going to be spending more money this year, at least on certain items. Not a whole lot, but definitely more.

For example, according to, grain is expected to go up this year. That means breakfast cereal and bakery goods will increase in price.

Again, it's not a lot but it's an increase you need to know about for 2013.

When asked what they thought would go up in price, one consumer we talked to said, "Perhaps, cars." Another said, "Oh, definitely food."

And when it comes to the new year, many consumers say they expect to pay more for certain items, they're just not sure what items will be going up in price.

"I mean everything's going to go up and I don't like it," one consumer said.

But claims this year, you can expect the price of new cars to increase. The Obama administration issued new standards requiring automakers to improve fuel efficiency. So, the cost to upgrade those new and improved engines will be passed on to you, the consumer.

Your grocery bill be going up. Experts say you can expect to spend around 4 to 5 percent more on food and you can blame it on the drought we had.  

You can also expect to pay more on health care premiums. Consumers will pay 6 percent more this year, and if you looked at your first paycheck recently, that increase has already kicked in.

Copper prices will spike this year. Unfortunately, that could lead to more vandals stealing copper.  

And finally, you'll pay more to ship this year. UPS and FedEx are expected to raise prices 5 percent so remember that the next time you mail something.

There is good news because some items are predicted to go down this year.

Oil, for example, is supposed to drop to as low as $70 a barrel, which means cheaper gas prices for 2013.  

At least that's what the experts say so we'll see what happens.