Arizona gay rights groups celebrate historic inaugural address

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX--- President Barack Obama made history Monday, by becoming the first president to mention gay marriage in an inaugural address.

"Our journey isn't complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated the same under the law," he said.

"It was brilliant," Tanner Pritts told 3TV.

Pritts started Arizona Advocates for Marriage Equality last year, and hoped to put gay marriage on the 2014 ballot.

Despite Obama's endorsement, Arizona gay rights groups are postponing the plan to put gay marriage to voters, sensing they probably would not have enough voter support.

"It's a giant uphill battle in Arizona," Pritts said. He is collaborating with Equality Arizona and the state's Human Rights Campaign.

Still, the gay community is celebrating Obama's address.

"It's something I wasn't sure I'd hear in my lifetime," Kathy Young of the Human Rights Campaign said.

"It's important to the community that the leader of the free world values our families as equal," she continued. "My daughter was at the inauguration today. For her to hear him say that was huge."