Phoenix teens clean up neighborhood

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- On Saturday morning, while most teenagers are usually sleeping, some teens rose with the sun to pick up trash.

Teens from the Coronado East Neighborhood loaded up, hauled out, and tossed out trash found in the alleys, near 18th Street and Oak. They participated in the 2nd Annual Coronado Neighborhood East Clean Up event.

Aimee Knight-Fogel, a Community Action Officer, said the event started last year because an officer chased a suspect  down one of the alleys in this neighborhood, and it was completely blocked with trash.

The suspect was able to get away because of that.

Knight-Fogel also said there are many reasons why trash ends up in neighborhood alley ways.

Sometimes it's because people don't understand what they can and can't leave out for bulk trash pick up or it's because they see other people's trash in the alleys and think it's ok to dump their trash there too.

The teens that helped out with the cleaning say helping out a community was worth the early wake-up call.

"We'd just thought it'd be a good idea to just come out and help people, other than ourselves," said North Canyon High School student Macy Alcott.