Man walks into westen wear store, takes purse

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PHOENIX -- Police are searching for a man who walked into a western wear store and took a purse.

You can see the man on surveillance video walking into Botas El Jibaro Western Wear and seconds later walking out with the purse.

Store employee Ana Robledo believes the suspect knew exactly what he was looking for.

“We saw a guy that came in and actually just like came to the purse because he didn’t look anywhere else,” said Robledo. “Like he knew exactly where it was and he just grabbed it and walked out.”

The purse belonged to the store owner, who put it under a chair.

“It was weird because the doorbell didn’t even ring, I mean it always rings,” Robledo said.

They found out the purse was stolen after checking bank statements online. The bank card has since been used at three QT convenience stores.

You can see from the surveillance footage the man was wearing a blue sweater and tennis shoes.

“We just need someone to tell us if they’ve seen him,” Robledo said, adding, “a reward will be granted.”

They have filed a report with Phoenix Police and they are hoping someone will recognize the man or provide some information that will help them find him.