Mattress keeping Phoenix woman up at night

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman bought a mattress, but claims she got something totally different when it was delivered.

Alicia Robinson recently moved to Phoenix and had to furnish her entire apartment. But with a bad back, her first priority was to find a good mattress.

“I need a mattress and box spring, now it has to be good I'd prefer a pillow top due to my back issues,” she said.

Robinson said she paid around $400 for a new queen size pillow top mattress set, but said when it was delivered it seemed smaller and it looked different from the one she paid for.

To make matters worse, she said the store where she bought it isn't doing anything to help correct the problem.

“I thought I was getting a queen size pillow top mattress and box spring, I got a full size mattress," Robinson explained.

After 3 On Your Side spoke to Alicia about her mattress set it was time to get to get busy.

We measured her mattress and discovered Robinson was wrong, the dimensions were in fact that of a queen size mattress.

But, even with this news, she believed the mattress wasn't what she ordered.

So we went to 4 Less Furniture Center where she made the purchase and spoke with the owner who said Robinson got exactly what she ordered and even dropped the price down to $400 just to make the sale.

"After four and a half weeks, why now tell me it's the wrong set, it's the right set and there's nothing I can do," said the store's owner.

He showed us the mattress that Robinson picked out and said she received what she ordered and if there was an issue to resolve, he would.

"We're a neighborhood store. We want to take care of everybody fairly," the owner remarked.

Robinson said she may have been mistaken about the size, but maintains it's still not what she ordered.

The furniture store was pretty cooperative with 3 On Your Side and we appreciate the time they took to explain their side of the story.

As for Robinson, she said she'll go ahead and keep the mattress for now, but says she is saving her money and plans on buying another one as soon as she can.