Phoenix weather: warmest temps of the year expected this weekend

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- It’s not really saying that much, but we’re going to see our warmest temperatures of this young year this weekend around metro Phoenix.

It's hard to remember, but back on Jan. 9 we had a high of 72, the warmest so far this year. Then we got into the cold stretch.

Now as we head toward the weekend, we’re looking at high temperatures which should reach into the mid 70s. By next week, we may even see some 80 degree readings in the desert.

Weather is a rollercoaster ride sometimes.

Mild, dry weather is also in the forecast for the mountains with afternoon temperatures expected in the 40s and 50s into next week. No rain or snow is in the forecast.

The first hint we have at a chance for precipitation is late next week. But at this point, that potential storm is not looking like much of a concern.

A reminder if some of your bushes or trees suffered frost damage: the experts say to wait to prune back the dead areas until the chance for another freeze has passed.

Those frozen areas will actually insulate your vegetation if we get another round of freezing weather.

Around metro Phoenix, we’re usually clear of any potential frost by the end of February.