Biltmore Loan and Jewelry draws customers looking for loans outside of bank

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- These economic times make it tough to get a loan from the bank and that is why many are turning in their high valued items to collateral lenders like Biltmore Loan and Jewelry to get the funds they need.

“I’m like a bank used to be,” said David Goldstein, President of the premier upscale collateral lender.

High valued cars, land, art and jewelry are some examples of the collateral people can use to get a loan.

“We try to do land, which, there’s so many people with bare land that doesn’t have any income,” he said.

But Goldstein also notes that the business is nothing like a pawn shop.

“We don’t do any retail business whatsoever out of here, and that’s what separates us completely from the other type of establishments,” Goldstein said.

When banks don't give out loans, Biltmore loan and jewelry benefits and Goldstein says more clients come to them. Some even go straight to the lender, skipping the bank completely.

They meet with clients by appointment and make sure each client is kept confidential.

For more information visit or call 480-525-6704.