Cold weather claims the life of young dog

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

Warning: Story contains graphic images

PHOENIX -- His name is Blaze, and he's a  boxer pup who spent too many cold nights outside.

Randy Rotondo says when his group, Boxer Luv Rescue, received Blaze Tuesday he was comatose, twitching and cold to the touch with a body temperature of around 88 degrees. 

The year old boxer was rushed to Alta Vista Veterinarian Hospital in Phoenix where it was euthanized after doctors determined it had likely suffered a cold induced stroke.

Dr. Justine Mumaw of Alta Vista says the hard luck hound had possibly suffered other abuse as well, leading to low body weight and little muscle mass. Those conditions would have made the boxer susceptible to the cold nights it had spent outside. 

Dr. Mumaw suggests bringing pets inside during our continued cold spell, or if they have to remain outside, making sure they have shelter and room to run so that they can keep themselves warm.

Rotondo says Boxer Luv Rescue is trying to determine exactly who owned Blaze, and why the 10 to 11 month old pup was left outside. 

They also want to use his sad story to illustrate exactly what can happen to a pet left to suffer in our Valley's rare cold spells.