Arias denies killing lover in videotaped interrogation

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX (AP) -- Jurors in the trial of a woman charged in the stabbing and shooting death of her lover watched a videotaped interrogation of the suspect Wednesday during which she insists she didn't kill the man, but notes if she had, she would have killed him quickly and humanely.

Jodi Arias is charged with murder in the June 2008 death of her on-again-off-again boyfriend Travis Alexander. If convicted, she could get the death penalty, becoming just the fourth woman on Arizona's death row.

Authorities say she stabbed and slashed Alexander nearly 30 times, slitting his throat from ear to ear, and shot him in the head around June 4, 2008, at his Mesa home. His body was found five days later in his shower.

She first told police she knew nothing of the killing. Later she said two intruders burst into the home and killed him while she managed to escape. She now admits to the killing, but claims she had to defend herself against an enraged and abusive Alexander.

Jurors on Wednesday watched a videotaped interrogation of Arias, 32, after her arrest. A detective grilled Arias, explaining that all the evidence points to her. She insisted she did not kill him.

Mesa police detective Esteban Flores continued to press her on the tape.

"You shot him in the head, then you got a knife and you stabbed him," Flores said. "Jodi, tell me the truth, please."

"I did not kill Travis," Arias replied.

However, she said if she were to have killed him, she couldn't have stabbed him. It would have been too cruel.

"I don't think I could stab him. I think I would have to shoot him until he was dead if that were my intentions," Arias told the detective. "But I would have to wear gloves.

"If I had it in my to kill him, the least I could have done was make it as humane as possible," she added.

Authorities say they found sexual photographs in a camera inside Alexander's home that place Arias there on the day he was killed. They say they also found a photo of his dead body on the camera that the suspect tried to delete. Detectives say Arias' blood and hair also were found at the scene. None of the weapons used in the killing has been recovered.

The trial resumes Thursday in Phoenix and is expected to last until April.

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