Warm Winter Fashions That Are Functional

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It’s finally cold in Phoenix and although these days won’t last long and most of us welcome the cooler temperatures, if you are like me, you are a bit wimpy in this weather!  So I went looking for some warm styles that are fashionable and functional, too. 

Helpful Hats
For you brave people that don’t miss an early morning run, even when we go below the 30 degree mark that is my threshold, don’t forget to wear a smart hat that helps motorists see you.  The Asics Reflective Knit Beanie covers your head and ears and alerts drivers of your presence with the reflective trim, which also looks decorative on the hat.  A smart and cool cap for runners.  I found it on www.amazon.com for $18.99. 

If you looking for a stylish hat that won’t leave you with hat head, check out the Coiffie.  This attractive accessory transforms any coat, jacket or top into a chic and hooded garment.  It is classic and light-weight and quickly folds up for easy compact storing for travel.  It is also water-repellant, so it works great as a rain hat and here in Phoenix, we get rain instead of snow, so it is the perfect accessory.  Hairstyles are preserved because the Coiffie was designed to do so with the silky smooth lining and the roomy adjustable hood.  The Coiffie sells styles that range in price from $54 to $58 and they can be ordered at www.coiffie.com.

Go To Gloves
In today’s world, gloves are no longer just for warmth because most of us want to be able to text, navigate touch screens on ATMs, GPS systems and other electronic devices.  So I put several different brands to the test and here are my results:

*SmarTouch from Isotoner – I found these gloves on clearance at Target for $13.98 and they worked well for texting, but they didn’t slide my phone screen easily.  I did like how warm they are, so for a heavier coverage that will still text, these are good, but not my favorite.

*Xhilaration Texting Gloves – I loved these soft and cozy gloves and they texted smoothly and easily.  Plus the colorful striped design is bright and fun.  I bought mine at Target on sale for $2.10.  I love that this very inexpensive pair is my favorite, too!

*Champion Premium Texting Gloves – I like that these are thick and warm and if you like a convertible glove that includes a pop-off top to completely expose your fingers for texting, than these are for you.  Since I’m a huge cold weather wimp, I still prefer the Xhilaration because I can text and keep my fingers covered, but the Champion is super warm.  I found the Champion on sale at Target for $11.88.

The Perfect Layer Piece is a Shawl Sweater
For a good layered piece check out the selection of shawl sweaters at the Windsor store.  This store had all kinds of sweater vests, open cardigans and other layering pieces that are perfect for our fickle weather that starts super chilly in the mornings, but warms up in the afternoon.  My favorite find is a white and burgundy striped shawl sweater that is short-sleeved.  Worn over a long sleeve shirt, this is the perfect option for a layered look that keeps me comfortable.  I found the one I show in the segment at the Windsor store for $39.90 located in the Chandler Fashion Center.  Windsor also has stores in Arrowhead Towne Center in Glendale and in Tempe’s Arizona Mills Mall.

The Right Tights
Tights are great to wear under a dress with boots or with a long sweater and flats, but finding the right texture can be a bit tricky in the cold winter nights.  I was thrilled to find Icing’s line of tights at the Icing By Claire’s accessory stores in the malls.  Icing has a variety of options to warm with your legs with style.  I like the Fleece Lined tights that sell for $14 and are just thick enough to give your legs warmth, but still are sheer enough to be stylish.  Also making my favorites list is the Icing Control Top footless tights ($12) that work well when wearing flats.  Most of our local malls have Icing stores, so check them out if you are looking for a good variety of trusty and pretty tights. They also sell different colors and patterns, too.

Fabulous Footwear Options
Boot sweaters are fun and functional because they can make your boots from last year look like a completely different pair and that saves you money.  Instead of buying new boots, change out the look with boot sweaters.  I found several pairs at Icing and I’ve seen different styles at lots of different stores, including Target and on line at amazon.com.

One smart invention that turns pumps or ballet flats into stylish boots, while protecting your pretty shoes from the outside elements is the Grace Carter Stylish ShoeCover.  The stylish shoe covers are made of a water-resistant sturdy fabric that quickly go on over shoes with an easy and quick back zipper.  Plus each pair fits compactly in a carry-bag and the beautiful boot covers have a sturdy low heel that has excellent traction in rain and snow, making the Grace Carter Stylish Shoe Cover the perfect accessory to have on hand.  Perfect for travel, city walks and elegant evening out when you want to cover your heels for warmth and protection while outside.  Once inside, they come right off, so that your pretty heels can be seen again.  I love smart inventions like this one.  The Grace Carter Stylish Shoecovers come in several styles and shades and start at $59.99 at www.gracecarter.com.

Another smart shoe that I found sells at Target and is called the Xhilaration Kahsha Top Wedge Sneaker.  This is an interesting shoe because it is a sort of a tennis shoe and wedge heel combined into one style.  I like these because in the winter, my beloved Uggs don’t look good with my track suits and they don’t give me any extra height.  The Kahsha shoe is high, yet comfortable.  I put a pair to the test when I wore them for a 4-hour trip though the mall with my active daughter last weekend.  My feet were not sore the next day and I have sensitive feet.  Plus these shoes are high-tops so they kept my ankles warm, too.  Another cool fashion find!  The Xhilaration Kahsha high top sells at Target and they come in black and several metallic colors, too.  They range in price from $29.74 to $34.99. 

For added comfort and warmth for those of us with foot problems like my plantar fasciitis, you have got to try my favorite sock.  The Experia socks sell for $13.99 a pair, which is pricy for socks, but they have truly knocked my socks off....of course, I just had to say that!  The padding that is sewn into these socks give excellent support to both the heel and the balls of my feet and the material is extremely comfortable, not too thick and not too thin.  Truly the best sock that I ever set foot in.  I bought mine at Foot Solutions and found additional pairs at Sports Authority.  They also come in all sorts of cool colors like hot pink and bright yellow.

What are your favorite warm weather fashion finds?  Share here in the comments section and visit my website at www.managedmoms.com for fashion news, beauty articles, parenting pieces, recipes and more.  Stay warm out there and remember that it probably won’t last for long.